FudCon Milan 2011 – Day 2

Trip around Milan, pt. 2

Since we traded our breakfast for teh internetz (Day 1), our day started by exploring local store. I was once again struck by the variety of fruits, cheese, and of course dry-cured hams (Prosciutto). I must admit, that  I was not able to resist, and spent a lot on these delights during the whole trip 🙂

Today, we decided to explore the southern part of the city centre, starting (once again) with those “nicely painted” houses on the map. We started at University of Milan (“Universita degli Studi di Milano”), we sneaked in, and looked around, but did not have enough courage to visit university canteen. Then we proceeded to nearby Public Court (“Avvocatura Distrettuale Dello Stato”). Once again, I was amazed by the combination of modern and antic stuff located just next to each other.


If you look closer, you can spot a single common element of all these pictures. Yes! Tons of scooters and motorcycles. These were absolutely everywhere, using pedestrian crossings as alternative routes (if there is a red light in the desired path…) and doing all other for-me-previously-unthinkable actions 🙂

But to get back to our tour. Next stop was the Rotonda della Besana – now de-consecrated church of Archangel Michael used as a warehouse. But it’s still a peacefull and awesome looking place.


After few quiet minutes in the Rotonda, we catched a bus, which took us to Porta Romana (yet another Victory arc), and then we took a ride by really crowded tram to the Basilica Di Sant Eustorgio and the public gardens behind it.


Since we were unable to find our way in, we walked up north, and found out another church – Basilica Di Sant Lorenzo – which is my second favourite, just a tiny bit behind the Duomo.

The reason to this is quite simple – it’s a building from around 400 AD, which means just one – simple and clean design. But to the fun part – in the middle-age (when the church was actually sanctified), they thought that this ancient building was either public spa or pagan temple (because of the ground plan). Quite a fun-fact. And the “seamlessly” placed pipe organ is just a sweet cherry on the top 🙂


We then ended our trip in “yet another public garden”, where we admired few elephants, and fed a whole squadron of pigeons with breadsticks.


Welcome party

The welcome party took place in Yguana Cafe. This was the first time, I managed to get lost (even with map :)), but thanks to our city tour, we found ourselves in front of the University of Milan, got the map oriented right, and found the pub with no further problems.

We were heartily welcomed by the organizers. The pub has the concept of “pay the absolutely ridiculous price for a drink, but then the food is free”. Which is actually not that bad, but we (czechs) are always up for the opposite of that  (no food, but as much beer as possible :D). We talked briefly with random people, met the rest of the guys who flew, and then went back to the hotel quite early, to be well rested and brisk during the actual FudCon conference.



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3 Responses to FudCon Milan 2011 – Day 2

  1. Small English tip:

    “now desecrated church of Archangel Michael”

    for a building which was intentionally and ‘properly’ stripped of its religious status we say ‘de-consecrated’ rather than desecrated. Desecrated is more if someone comes in and does some really bad stuff there without the religious authority’s agreement / acceptance.

  2. jskladan says:

    Heh, thanks Adam. /me will use some explanatory dictionary next time :))

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